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  • The Next Generation of Eyewear: Rimless Glasses
  • In today’s fashion world, eyewear has become a part of our daily lives, due to necessity or simply because of a choice we made. However, getting the right pair can be quite a daunting task with so many different styles of designs, colours etc read more...
  • Modern Designer Glasses make you look Unique
  • The increasing pace of life has left us taking less care of our health. As we all know, eyes are the most used organs of our body used incessantly as long as one is awake (in fact, the whole definition of ‘awake’ and ‘sleep’ is based on the condition of the eyes). read more...
  • Finding Cheap and Stylish Glasses Online
  • As the demand for prescription glasses keeps on increasing, and more and more designs started flooding into the market, buyers of pair of glasses have started looking for cheaper options. The range of designer glasses from the popular and respected designer brands from around the world have caught the attention of the buyers, thanks to the continuous endorsements by celebrities and pop icons. read more...
  • Thick Glasses are Definitely Striking
  • There are many styles of eyeglasses which have gained prominence among the collective consciousness of the mass. One of the most popular eyewear designs has been the aviator, and in recent times, one can think of the wayfarer enjoying the same share of appreciation. read more...
  • Right Time to wear Computer Glasses
  • To assist us in our struggle to live a fast paced life, computers have the toll of choice. More and more hours are now being spent in front of the computer without taking the minimum breaks or the required amount of rest. read more...
  • Getting Designer and Cheap Reading Glasses
  • With the rising demand of prescription glasses and designer glasses, the options available at the online stores have increased too. Now – a – days, almost every user has more than a pair of cheap glasses, reflecting different styles which they can swap according to the occasions. read more...
  • Protect your eyes with trendy Designer Glasses
  • The easiest and the most chosen way to increase your fashion quotient is to buy a pair of designer glasses. The rising acceptance of prescription glasses as a fashion accessory has caught the notice of the renowned fashion houses around the world and since then, they have designed designer glasses to tap into this new market. read more...
  • Choose Glass Frames for your Designer Glasses
  • Though the presence of glasses online has reduced the prices of the designer glasses, it is still wise to choose a pair of designer glasses after giving it some thought. Generally, a user uses a pair of glasses frames for approximately two years so any amount of time invested in the selection process is a time well spent. read more...
  • Right way to use Myopic Glasses
  • Myopic patients are the ones who find it difficult to watch objects at a distance. Fortunately, there are many kinds of materials and cheap glasses which help them to correct their vision. read more...
  • Shopping for Glasses for Teenagers
  • Choosing a pair of prescription glasses or designer glasses for teenagers is not an easy task. It is usually different than the process one goes through while selecting prescription glasses for mature adults. read more...
  • Getting Discount Glasses Online
  • Online stores dealing in prescription glasses have become the preferred place for shoppers looking to purchase cheap glasses. These glasses online score over their counterparts at the physical retails stores when it comes to price, plus at the online stores you will come across more comprehensive collections to choose from read more...
  • Buying Cheap and Reliable Varifocal Glasses
  • Varifocal glasses offer any user a distinct advantage. Varifocal glasses have more than one power on their lenses and their invention came out of a necessity. Earlier when a patients, already suffering from an eye disorder (whether myopia or hyperopia) developed the age related vision problem called presbyopia, they had to carry two sets of glasses with them. read more...
  • Capture the Mood with Different Frames
  • There has been a steady increase in the different materials used to manufacture prescription glasses. That is a far cry to the situation which existed even few decades back, where the only materials of construction were plastic and metal. read more...
  • What are Ted Baker Glasses
  • Among the various designer glasses, Ted Baker has garnered a name for themselves due to their impeccable finish and design. Ted Baker glasses, to create the ultimate in fashionable design for today’s modern republic, start with just the right materials. read more...
  • Five Top of the lines Designer Glasses Brands
  • Designer brands, renowned for their signature designs and flawless touch, have soon caught the fancy of buyers, with the inimitable collection of the designer glasses. Though each of these brands have a distinct style and look, there are certain designer brands and their designer frames which have become more popular than their peers. read more...
  • Cheap Bifocal Glasses for Presbyopia
  • Bifocal glasses offer a great advantage to those who have already has a vision disorder and then, due to increasing age has developed presbyopia. Presbyopia reduces the visibility of the nearer objects and even daily easy chores like reading become a tedious affair. read more...
  • Types of Varifocal Lenses
  • A healthy vision has become the first casualty of a fast paced lifestyle. Most people don’t pay much attention to the importance of a fulfilling diet, much-needed rest and regular exercise. This inevitably leads to deteriorating eyesight. read more...
  • Adjusting Frames the Right Way
  • Irrespective of the amount of care and maintenance you take regarding your pair of prescription glasses, you will come across occasions when you will need to adjust the pair. Even a slight misalignment of arms or lenses or even nose pads can lead to an uncomfortable eyewear experience. read more...
  • Mounting of Lenses for Rimless Glasses
  • It is a common knowledge that there are generally three different kinds of prescription glasses – full rimmed, semi rimmed and rimless. Full rimmed glasses have their lenses supported by a rim which also offers protection to the lenses. read more...
  • My take on Designer Glasses
  • When people discuss about the outstanding features or advantages of designer eyeglasses, quality and fashionable style are usually the ones that are widely accepted. Some buyers of designer glasses do trust their favorite brands that they will provide glasses with good quality. read more...
  • How to get Designer Glasses and Frames for less?
  • There are times while looking for designer glasses and frames, you come across some stunning pairs but then, after looking at the price tag, you shy away from it. This is a rather common occurrence among the buyers, and this problem is not exactly without a solution. read more...
  • Prescription Sunglasses to keep your eyes healthy
  • With the advancement of technology, eyewear manufacturers have been able to combine the benefits of prescription glasses and sunglasses, paving the way to prescription sunglasses. User of prescription sunglasses can thus have the fashion quotient and advantages of the sunglasses along with the vision improvement of the prescription glasses. read more...
  • Hot Glasses of the Time
  • Prescription glasses have long shed their nerdy appeal and have become the most affordable fashion accessory exhibiting the most recent trends. read more...
  • Some Secrets About the Cool Prescription Sunglasses You Don't Know
  • An unmistakable popular icon and a timeless fashion accessory, prescription sunglasses have become a preferred choice for many users. Thanks to the rising number of manufacturers and designer brands offering their own designs, prescription sunglasses are now available in myriad designs and range over a wide spectrum of colours. read more...
  • The Popularity of Prescription Glasses for Students
  • Human beings generally get classified on the basis of various factors. It might depend upon age, requirements, personalities etc. read more...
  • Features of Top Prescription Glasses & Sunglasses
  • Prescription glasses and sunglasses have long shed their nerdy image and are now treated as fashion accessory. Apart from correcting your vision problem and protecting your eyesight they can also add layers to your look which amplify your personality. read more...
  • Forms of Varifocal Glasses
  • Generally, most users of prescription glasses use single-vision glasses, primarily due to the fact that they suffer from a single vision disorder. read more...
  • How to Keep Your Eye Healthy
  • With the advancement of science and research, coupled with years of practice and test, various methods and diets have been figured out that will help you to maintain a healthy eyesight and vision. read more...
  • Prescription Glasses whilst Swimming
  • When it comes to swimming, prescription glasses users always face a dilemma – whether to dive in without wearing a pair of prescription glasses or to find a practical solution to help you stay safe in the water? read more...
  • PD (Pupillary Distance) Measurement for Varifocal Glasses & Spectacles Online
  • With the increasing number of online stores dealing in prescription glasses and varifocal glasses, they have become the preferred destination for many buyers. Not only do they offer a wide range but the rates are way below than their high-street counterparts. read more...
  • Glasses without Lenses
  • It has become a common phenomenon that the next fashion trend has invariably to do with the eyeglasses. And considering the various magazines in the world, the next trend is right around the corner. read more...
  • What are Bifocal Sunglasses?
  • Bifocal sunglasses are generally prescription glasses with lenses which have two different optical powers and generally prescribed to people suffering from presbyopia and who also require a correction for myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism. read more...
  • Is reglazing an old pair of glasses a good option?
  • Everyday wear and tear of prescription glasses inevitably leads to misalignment or change in the structure of the frames. read more...
  • What are Bifocal Glasses?
  • Bifocal glasses are generally prescription glasses with lenses which have two different optical powers. These bifocal glasses are prescribed to people suffering from presbyopia and who also require a correction for myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism. read more...
  • Cleaning and taking care of Rimless Glasses
  • Irrespective of the amount of care and maintenance you take for your rimless glasses, there is always a need for cleaning the lenses. read more...
  • Varifocal Glasses & Spectacles for Presbyopia Correction
  • Varifocal glasses are a special form of multifocal spectacles. Varifocal glasses are also known as the progressive glasses, graduated glasses and no-lines bifocals. It is called by the name ‘varifocal’ because there are different powers at different levels of the lens. read more...
  • 3 Easy Steps for Buying Glasses Online
  • The internet has revolutionised the way we shop today and has certainly played an important role in the online eyewear industry. The Eye Experts website read more...
  • 10 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy
  • We realise that in today's hectic times, stress is an enemy that many of us have to deal with at the end of every day. When added upon factors such as pollution, it is our eyes read more...
  • Summers and Sunglasses
  • A pair of sunglasses is a must have for any person who has to go outdoors and be in the sun for long hours. When, you are out in the sun, it is necessary to protect the eyes with glasses that suit you and you feel comfortable wearing them. read more...
  • Materials for Prescription Glasses
  • It is a known fact that online stores for prescription glasses offer a diverse range of prescription and designer eyewear. Not only the designs but also the colours vary widely, giving you countless options to choose from. read more...
  • Benefits of Buying Glasses Online
  • The acceptance of prescription glasses in popular culture as a fashion accessory has lead to a range of glasses sporting various designs and colours. Though they provide an increasing number of options to the buyers, the retail stores are also aware of the fact that these pair of glasses are in high demand. read more...
  • Cleaning Prescription Glasses
  • No matter how much you are careful while handling your prescription glasses, the need for cleaning and reglazing always arises. The cause may be dirt on the lenses, scratches or misalignment of the arms. read more...
  • Buying Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses
  • Invented as a medical solution and transformed into a fashion accessory, prescription glasses now-a-days display a varied taste and the most vibrant colour combinations. Stylish prescription glasses add confidence to your approach, accentuate your looks and aid you to create flawless “first impressions”. read more...
  • Basic Knowledge of Discount Designer Eyewear
  • With the ever growing popularity of prescription glasses, it was only a matter of time that the renowned fashion brands enter into this lucrative field. Bringing in their own experience in design and their signature styles, these designer glasses were quite quick to grab the attention of the buyers. read more...
  • Semi Rimless Glasses - A Unique Way to Enhance Looks
  • With the different needs and requirements of users, prescription glasses manufacturers are now designing three different kinds of prescription glasses – fully rimmed, semi rimmed and rimless. read more...
  • Anti-Glare Coating on Your Prescription Glasses
  • Eye strain generally results in blurred vision, burning sensation in the eyes, tiredness and headache. Anti-glare coating on your glasses helps to reduce this strain by reducing the reflective properties of the lenses. read more...
  • Treatments and Coatings for Lenses of Prescription Glasses
  • Now-a-days, glasses are sold with the useful coatings on the lenses at no additional charges. Among these coatings, the ones most popular are the ultra-violet coating, anti-reflective or AR coating and anti-scratch coating. read more...
  • Designer Glasses for Personal Tastes
  • From the very beginning of prescription glasses to quit a few centuries, the only purpose served by them was vision correction. Not much attention was paid to the design of the glasses and the effect they might have on the looks of the users. read more...
  • Various aspects about Prescription Glasses
  • It has been a long time since the innovation of prescription glasses. Through all these centuries, ideas and impressions about these spectacles changed and new types evolved. But the most amazing change must be the acceptance of prescription glasses as a fashion accessory. read more...
  • Prescription Glasses v/s Contact Lenses
  • The advantages of prescription glasses are now well known. Apart from the expected vision correction and offering better eyesight, prescription glasses are now also considered as effective fashion accessories. read more...
  • Delicate Glasses can meet demands of many wearers
  • It is of little doubt now-a-days, that prescription glasses are more than just vision correction tools. Apart from offering better eyesight and helping you to take care of your visual problem, prescription glasses can also add stylish edges to your looks read more...
  • Is it Unhealthy to Switch Prescription Glasses from Day to Day
  • We generally come across this popular advice that it is not healthy to switch prescription glasses. Most users and non-users believe that the switching of the prescription glasses will worsen the condition of the eyesight leading to the increase of the visual problems. read more...
  • Pay More Attention to the Color of Prescription Glasses While Selecting
  • As the prescription glasses have lost their geeky image and have been accepted as definite fashion enhancers, their popularity has also seen a rise. It is a common knowledge, that to correct your vision related problems, prescription glasses are the way to go. read more...
  • Varifocal Glasses for the Highest Possible Vision Comfort
  • Generally, when human beings develop a vision disorder, it is either one of myopia or hyperopia. Myopic patients find it difficult to view objects located at a distance while the individuals who suffer from hyperopia cannot clearly view the objects located nearby. read more...
  • How to order glasses online?
  • With the rising number of online stores, it has become easier than ever to purchase a pair of prescription glasses over the internet. These online stores not only offer the widest range and the most comprehensive collections but also the prices at these online stores are way lower than the rates charged at the retail stores. read more...
  • Celebrity Eyewear – Taste of Classes
  • Celebrity eyewear is the latest trend in fashion. The designs of these glasses are customized according to the taste and requirements of the celebrity. These prescription glasses and sunglasses are a statement of sophisticated looks and a high quality of materials which ensures durability. read more...
  • What are Multifocal Glasses
  • Increasing age brings with it vision disorders on which human beings have little control. It is known that after the age of forty, many individuals develop presbyopia. This eyesight problem makes simple functions like reading and watching nearby objects difficult. read more...
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    The Next Generation of Eyewear: Rimless Glasses
    In today’s fashion world, eyewear has become a part of our daily lives, due to necessity or simply because of a choice we made. However, getting the right pair can be quite a daunting task with so many different styles of designs, colours etc...
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    Modern Designer Glasses make you look Unique
    The increasing pace of life has left us taking less care of our health. As we all know, eyes are the most used organs of our body used incessantly as long as one is awake (in fact, the whole definition of ‘awake’ and ‘sleep’ is based on the condition of the eyes)....
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