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FAQs: How to Buy Glasses & Frames Online

1. Does EyeExperts provide polarized lenses?
2. How do I obtain my prescription?
3. Why are EyeExperts's prices so low?
4. What payment methods are available?
5. How long will it take me to receive my prescription glasses?
6. What is the cost of postage & packagaing?
7. Do I need to send you a copy of my prescription?
8. What if I have any further questions?
9. I can't find an 'addition' reading on my prescription?
10. Do you sell prescription glasses for children?
11. Are my payment details kept secure?
12. What sort of frames or glasses will suit me?
13. I am wary of giving out my personal information while shopping online. How do I protect myself?
14. The glasses that I had ordered from your website recently are not to be found. Will I still receive the glasses?
15. Are your frames as sturdy and durable as the frames on high street. I ask because I cannot physically touch them?
16. How authentic are your designer glasses?
17. Are the lenses made of 'Plastic' or 'Glass'?
18. Do you sell 'bifocal' lenses? If you do, what shape do these come in?
19. Do you provide branded lenses like 'Kodak' lenses even though there is no option available and if so, how?
20. How do 'Varifocals' differ from 'Bifocals'?
21. Can you re-glaze my existing frame for me as I am very fond of them?
22. Do you offer different levels of tinting on the glasses / sunglasses that I would like to order?
23. How convenient are thin lenses?
24. I do not remember my prescription but use the current prescription in my present glasses. Will you be able to read the prescription?
25. Do you have somebody who checks the orders to make sure that there are no obvious mistakes made?
26. I am not sure of my prescription. Could you help me?
27. I have ordered multiple pairs of glasses but have only received 1 pair? Do you have a system where I could track the progress of the other pairs?
28. What information do you require from my end for me to place an order with you? Will my contact lenses prescription be adequate?
29. If a mistake is made from my end while ordering, what should I do to rectify it?
30. When I received my frames they still required some adjustment. Should I send them back to you?
31. Could you tell me what pupillary distance (PD) means as I am not familiar with the term. Also inform me about the range of prescription that you offer?
32. I am not comfortable giving my payment information online. What are the other modes of payment available to me?
33. I have heard that Titanium frames are the newest trend, do you have them? If you do, are they extremely expensive?
34. Do you offer a home-trial for your glasses?
35. Do your sunglasses come with any special features?
36. Why should I buy my glasses from Eye Experts?
37. Do you sell lens coatings?
38. Does EyeExperts offer Free Delivery ?
39. I have not received my glasses yet. Your websites says 5 working days?
40. How can I pay you?

1. Polarized lenses are different from transition lenses. Unlike transition lenses that darken when exposed to sunlight, polarized lenses are always dark and are ideal for protection from strong sunlight. Polarized lenses obstruct the horizontal polarized sunlight, thereby reducing the glare to a great extent.

EyeExperts provides all your prescription glasses and sunglasses with polarized lenses as per customer request for an additional price of £40. You can select this option on the Lens Options page during the buying process.

2. Under the UK Opticians Act of 1989, it is the obligation of any optician to provide you with a prescription. The optician will provide you with a thorough eye examination and is required by Law to provide you with a copy of your prescription for your own records. You are not under any obligation to purchase your glasses from your optician so do not feel pressured into doing so.

3. Our prices are significantly lower than what you would find on the High Street due to the fact that we are online so we can take advantage of the lower cost of operation which means no renting expensive prime location property or paying for the upkeep of numerous items of expensive eye testing machinery. At EyeExperts, we do not take orders via premium rate numbers which can often cost a great deal. Being experienced ophthalmologist, we receive all our frames direct from the manufacturer. Our lenses are made to your order in our own laboratories which cuts out the middle man and allows us to keep our prices at the lowest possible.

4. We accept all major Credit and Debit cards which are secured with the strongest level of encryption commercially available. All transactions are guaranteed to be 100% safe and secure.

5. After your glasses have been constructed in our laboratory under the supervision of our qualified optician they are usually dispatched within 5 working days. However it can take up to 28 days.

6. The cost of postage and packaging in the UK/Ireland is £3.95 per pair of glasses. Postage outside the UK will cost £5.00. You can choose a delivery address that is different from the billing address. So for example your billing address can be your home address but you can choose to have the glasses delivered at your office address.

7. No - as long as you have a current up-to-date prescription (i.e. not more than two years old when ordering).

8. If you have any further questions not answered in this section please contact us directly at

9. If your glasses are for distance only - the 'addition' is only required if the glasses are going to be used for reading or close work. Sometimes opticians use the word 'Add' or 'Near' instead of 'addition'. Also they may only write it once but it normally applies to both eyes and is almost always the same value for both eyes (e.g. 'Add' +2.50 - should be entered for both eyes).

10. Yes we do sell prescription glasses for children. However, the glasses will be dispatched only after we have confirmed the order with the parent/guardian of the child.

11. Yes, all your payment details are entered in a secure internet site that our website links with, which is managed by Paypal. does not record customer payment details. All this information is held in a secure server managed by Paypal. Our shop uses 128 bit SSL, the strongest level of encryption commercially available. All transactions are guaranteed to be 100% safe and secure.

12. The shape of your face is the most important factor when choosing any frames. The list below will give you some ideas as to frame designs.
  • Round Faces - Rectangular frames would be most suitable
  • Oval Faces - Most frames will suit this face shape, size is the most important point when deciding on frames
  • Triangular Faces - Rectangular frames would be most suitable
  • Square Faces - Oval Shaped or Round Frames would be most suitable
  • Rectangular Faces - Oval and Round frames would be most suitable with medium or larger size models
At, we are confident that you will love the quality of the frame and glasses. The best part about ordering at is that all our products come with a 110% Price Promise.

13. This is a very common query from customers who are first time internet shoppers. There are a few simple steps that you need to take to protect yourself. Be sure to look for the little lock icon on the bottom of your web browser to make sure that your personal information will be protected by secure encryption when it is sent over the internet. You can also check on this by holding your cursor over the web page in question, clicking the right button on your mouse, and selecting "Properties". Then look to see that the web address shown starts with "https", where the 's' denotes a secure web server.

At we do not store your Credit Card information on our server making your purchase 100% secure.

14. Yes, you will still receive the glasses that you ordered and it may not be seen on the website anymore because it might have been the last piece available with us and would have automatically disappeared from our website after you placed the order. We use an automated inventory management system which makes sure that you receive the pair of glasses that you have ordered.

15. You do not have to worry as all the frames that you see on our website are durable and are often supplied by the same companies who supply to high street stores. Our customers have often told us that our glasses 'Don't just look good, but feel good as well.

16. Our Designer frames are 100% original and all our branded frames come with the original brand case and cleaning cloth. We offer you a variety that includes Police, Killer Loop, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess and Versace.

17. The glasses come with 'Plastic' optical lenses. All our lenses come with a FREE scratch resistant coating which reduces the risk of the lenses getting scratched due to daily wear and tear. Remember, lenses can never be scratch proof. But we could also make the lenses in glass at your request.

18. We generally supply D28 bifocal lenses. These are standard "D"-shaped lenses. We can - upon request - also supply executive bifocals at an additional cost.

19. Yes we do provide 'Kodak' lenses for those customers who request it at a few pounds more. All you have to do is inform us when you place the order. The 'Kodak' lenses not only come with an authenticity card but also carry the original markings on them to validate their authenticity.

20. Varifocal lenses are multifocal lenses which deliver a seamless progression of distance, intermediate and reading powers to achieve all round comfortable viewing distances. Unlike Bifocal lenses, which can only provide distance and reading visions with a visible dividing line and have been known to cause headaches and even dizziness in some users. Varifocal lenses allow you to see clearly across the room and into the distance as well as look ahead to view your computer in the intermediate zone and drop your gaze downward to read and do fine work comfortably and are preferred over bifocals as they not only make the wearer look younger but also more comfortable to wear.

21. Our re-glazing service starts from just £20. All you have to do is email us your prescription to us for an exact quote and our efficient customer service team will respond to you immediately.

22. We offer three gradients of tinting for the colours available. Once you have chosen the tint colour of your preference, just mention in the 'Extra information' box the level of tinting you would like to have. If you do not enter any information here, we will send your glasses / sunglasses with a medium tint.

23. Ordering thin lenses depends on your prescription and the frame you choose. We recommend thin lenses if your spherical power is -2.5 or above. This is particularly important if you are choosing a semi-rimless or rimless frame. These frames expose the lenses and choosing thin lenses improves aesthetics and overall face value!

24. Yes. But it is essential that your prescription is still in date (i.e. less than 2 yrs. old at the time of ordering). You could send your glasses to us along with your details and we will contact you to have your order processed. Once we've read the prescription from your glasses, we'll send them back to you along with your new pair. We charge an administration fee of ?10 for this service.

25. A team of qualified Dispensing Opticians check and authorise every single one of our customer orders. If the team comes across anything which they think is out of the ordinary or based on their experience looks incorrect, we will immediately get in touch with you by email or phone and may ask you to confirm some of your prescription details. You are dealing with competent professionals.

26. Of course, In the event that you are unsure of your prescription you can email us a copy and we'll put it onto your account for you.

27. Multiple pairs of glasses can take slightly longer due to a combination of the lens, prescription complexity and any coatings being added. We wish that you receive your glasses as soon as possible so if one pair is ready earlier we dispatch these to you immediately and will send any subsequent pairs as soon as they have been completed. If you wish to track your order, all you have to do is get in touch with our friendly customer care and they will help you out.

28. All we require from you is your up-to-date prescription which should not be more than 2 yrs old. We will NOT be able to use your contact lenses prescription as glasses require a different prescription.

29. Call us or send us an email letting us know as soon as possible. We process orders as fast as possible so that you may receive your glasses as soon as possible. For this reason, please double-check your prescription and shipping information before placing your order on our website so as to allow us to send your glasses to you as smoothly as possible.

30. Opticians often do minor adjustments for a small fee. If you still face a problem you can send it back to us and we will fix it.

31. The pupillary distance is the distance between your pupils. This is essential for the optimal use of your glasses. The lenses need to be made to match the distance between your eyes so that the centre of each lens aligns with the centre of your pupils. To achieve this, we need your pupillary distance measurement, also called PD measurement and this can be obtained from your optician during your eye test.

The range of prescription that we offer is: ±12.00 SPH (sphere) and ±4.00 CYL (cylinder).

32. We accept payment only by credit and debit cards. We understand your concern because of which we use PAYPAL which is a leading payment processor.

33. Yes, we do have Titanium frames and unlike the High Street shops, our Titanium frames start at just £49.

34. Yes, we offer a home-trial for certain glasses at £4.95. Click here to see these glasses and get more information on this feature.

35. Yes. Our sunglasses come with a FREE UV400 coating and a fine leather case.

36. Along with prices up to 90% lower than high-street shops, we are proud to say that our spectacles include:
  • High-quality frames
  • Custom prescription lenses
  • FREE protective hard case
  • FREE cleaning cloth
  • FREE scratch resistant coating
  • 110% quality & price promise
  • Friendly customer support

37. EyeExperts provides almost all the lens coatings and tints. These prominently include anti-reflective coating, UV400 protective coating, scratch resistant coating and sunglasses tint.

38. Yes, EyeExperts offers Free Delivery on all purchases above £59.95. To avail this offer you need to enter the free delivery code “FREEDEL” on the checkout page.

39. For a simple prescription, it takes 5 working days, however in case of certain complex prescriptions it may take upto 28 working days as indicated in terms and Conditions. If you have not received your glasses within 14 days from the date you placed your order you can call our customer service team on 0845 259 14 00.

40. We accept all major credit and debit cards. Unfortunately, we do not accept NHS vouchers, personal cheques, postal orders and Accor vouchers as payment.
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